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I am a Northern League supporter without a club to favour and double as a sometime genealogist who has researched his family tree back to the early 1600's, compiling a file of individual relatives totalling just over 3,000 names. I have been happily married to Maureen for 49 years. We have 1 son, 3 daughters, 14 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, and absolutely no money!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Post-operation blues

12 days after my operation and 8 days since I was discharged from hospital and already I am suffering withdrawal symptoms from a lack of Northern League footie! It's gonna be a long job and about 6 weeks before I expect to be out and about again.


Johnny said...


How are things? I hope you are on the mend following your operation.

Good to see that you are still an ever present at the local game. I'm sure you must have enough material to write a book by now.

Anyway, I hope everything is going well with you and the family.

If you want, you can get hold of my on: johnnymckinstryrbny@gmail.com

All the best,

Johnny McKinstry

el Queso Grande said...

Cheers, Johnny, nice to hear from you after all this time. How did you latch onto my blog?